Education Resources

Annual Reports Over the Decades

This list of Annual reports from the History Trust Digital Collection provides insight into the priorities, needs, challenges, and activities of the communities on Mount Desert Island and neighboring islands. Similar formats and content across reports allow for the comparison of subjects such as town finances and education between communities and over time. This is not an exhaustive list of primary sources where town information can be explored within the History Trust Digital Collection, but provides a starting point for continued research.

Navy and Coast Guard History

Maine has a rich Naval and Coast Guard heritage. This list of primary source materials from the History Trust Digital Collections relates to United States Navy and Coast Guard activities on Mount Desert Island and neighboring islands. Images and documents from the Otter Cliffs Radio Station and Islesford Life-Saving Station offer a window into significant events in regional history, while illustrating local connections to national and global affairs.

Path Expansion at Acadia National Park