Asticou Terraces Pictorial Map, 1973


Pictorial map of the Asticou Terraces and the Thuya Lodge and Garden showing the grounds as well as the placement and type of trees. Buildings and animals are also drawn on the map.


Mount Desert Island Historical Society Archival Collection

Alternative Titles
Asticou Terraces, Thuya Lodge & Thuya Garden

Thuya Lodge was constructed from 1912-1916 by Boston architect Joseph H. Curtis. The Asticou Terraces were designed by Curtis as a series of paths and shelters from Peabody Drive up to the Lodge. The Garden was constructed and designed in 1956-1961 by Charles K. Savage, trustee of the property upon Curtis' death. Curtis was a summer resident of Northeast Harbor, ME and chose to give Asticou Terraces, Thuya Lodge, and Thuya Garden to the public. A memorial to Curtis is now found on the grounds.

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