Portland Press Herald, November 4, 1936


Four pages from the morning edition of the Portland Press Herald from Wednesday, November 4, 1936. Major stories focus on the landslide re-election of Franklin D. Roosevelt as President of the United States despite Maine's electoral votes going to his opponent, Alf Landon. Also included are classified advertisements and local news from communities throughout the state.


Great Harbor Maritime Museum General Collection

People Mentioned
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Alf M. Landon
William Lemke
David Grange
Joseph Curran
Alfred E. Smith
Mrs. Alfred E. Smith
Edward Rydz-Smigly
Marshal Pilsudski
Eleanor Roosevelt
Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr.
Mrs. James Roosevelt Sr.
Francisco Franco
John Nance Garner
Frank Knox
Charles L. Carder
Mary Carder
D. G. Carder
Beatrice Richards
Parker L. Starrett
C. B. Bogle
Nettie Burleigh
Katherine Potter
Mrs. Paul Otto
Mrs. Alf M. Landon
John M. Landon
Mrs. A. E. Todd
Mrs. R. R. Bittman
Theo Cobb Landon
Nancy Jo Landon
Peggy Ann Landon
Belle D'Arcy
Charles A. Day
Jose Fernandez
Lottie Dunton Gilman
George H. Gilman
Helouise Francoeur Laberge
Henry McUne
Martin J. Murphy
Alice M. Plummer
Fred W. Plummer
Sadie M. Storer
Clarence E. Storer
William H. Storer
Ralph Mitchell
Ella Martha Widdows
George B. Russell
Maria Russell
Frank Russell
Winfield Storer
A. B. Widdows
James Legg
Lydia Legg
Ernest L. Widdows
Howard B. Widdows
James C. Widdows
Mrs. Harley Hyde
Mrs. Carl Lawrence
Earl Legg
Charles Legg
A. P. Legg
Mary E. Legg
Edith Bean
Herbert Hoover
J. Henry Roraback
Melzer T. Crawford
William H. Crawford
Mary Althea Howard Crawford
Donald Crawford
Weston P. Holman
Marshall Snow
Rose Murgita
N. A. Fogg
Robert H. Duenner
Mrs. Wallis Simpson
David Y. Alkazin
Olive Thompson
Harriet Buker
Joe Soffayer
Henry A. Lessard
William Erswell
James Lewis
Horace Polchier
John Nelson
Daniel Mitchell
Luther S. Smith
Abraham Lincoln
Rodney E. Marshall
Mrs. Rodney E. Marshall
Allen R. Chaplin
Mrs. Allen R. Chaplin
Leona Dyer
Arthur E. Dyer
Mrs. Arthur E. Dyer
Elizabeth Snow
Ralph Weaver
Mark Snow
Howard Grover
Wilbur Warren
Leonard Pitts
Samuel Chesey
Elmer Evans
Grace L. Dyke
Harold Stacy
Mrs. Harold Stacy
Jeanette Stacy
Lucille Stacy
Edson Stacy
Elywin Sanborn
Ruth Burnell
Everett L. Chadbourne
Louise Hill
Sarah Terry
Agnes Kennedy
Annie Folsom
Theodore Decker
Mrs. Harry L. Jones
Emma C. Chadbourne
Edward S. Douglas
Robert Douglas
Mrs. Fred L. Robinson
Gerald Wood
Earle Day
Wyman Famsdell
Miriam Kelley
Ralph Mills
Charles E. Breen
John H. Breen
Emery J. Knowlton



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