Annual Report of the Town Officers of Mount Desert, Maine, February 9, 1895


Report by the selectmen of Mount Desert, ME on the financial accounts of the town, including lists of expenditures and receipts, for the fiscal year ending February 9, 1895. There are also reports from the school committee and superintendent of schools.


Mount Desert Island Historical Society Archival Collection

People Mentioned
E. G. Abbott
Mrs. E. G. Abbott
B. T. Atherton
Emily E. Atherton
Charles Babbidge
Seth Babbidge
A. G. Bain
Robert Barron
Abel Bartlett
F. G. Bartlett
William H. Bartlett
Walter D. Blake
Ben Bordeaux
David Bracy
William H. Bracy
Henry Branscom
James N. Branscom
A. P. Brown
Eri L. Bunker
Z. F. Callahan
A. J. Carter
John Carter
A. E. Clement
Charles H. Clement
H. A. Clement
A. E. Clements
Charles Clements
Joseph Corson
William Cox
Palmer Crowley
J. Cunningham
John Dix
Lessie Dix
A. C. Fernald
Charles H. Frazier
Howard Frazier
Allen Freeman
W. H. Freeman
E. W. French
John Gilmore
Mark Gray
R. L. Grindle
J. Hamor
Nellie Hardy
Josie Harper
R. M. Haynes
J. S. Heath
O. M. Heath
Sophrona Hersey
William Hersey
Orrin Heyward
Bert Higgins
Clarence Higgins
Everett Higgins
George Higgins
Harry Higgins
I. C. Higgins
Sidney P. Higgins
Agnes Hill
J. C. Hill
Gilbert Hodgdon
Leroy R. Hodgdon
Angie Johnson
Alvin Joy
Henry Kineston
Fred Leighton
B. F. Leland
Benjamin Leland
Frank Leland
Grace M. Libby
Charlotte Lunt
Jacob Lunt
Mercy Lunt
Rachael M. Lunt
Cyrus Lurvey
A. L. Manchester
Manson Manchester
Thomas Manchester
George Mayo
Kate Mitchell
Nellie Morgan
C. C. Morrison
Sidney P. Murphy
Loren Newman
Israel N. Norwood
J. W. Ober
George Parker
Charles Perry
Charles Pervear
Nahum Pinkham
D. E. Pray
Edward L. Pray
Meda Pray
John Pung
Andrew H. Reed
Jared R. Reed
Joseph Reed
Olevia Reed
Ada Richardson
Clifford B. Richardson
D. D. Richardson
Emma Richardson
Eugene D. Richardson
J. Richardson
John G. Richardson
Laura Richardson
Mary E. Richardson
Thomas Richardson
William S. Richardson
George E. Ring
Charles Robinson
George H. Robinson
Howard Robinson
Everett Salisbury
Francis Salisbury
Amos Sinclair
Edwin Smallidge
Walter Smallidge
Ella F. Smith
Lowell Smith
Richmond Smith
V. D. Smith
Blanche Somes
C. T. Somes
Della Somes
Deucy Somes
Fred H. Somes
Harry G. Somes
Kate Somes
Lewis Somes
Madella Somes
Mrs. L. H. Somes
Sewell W. Thom
E. B. Tibbits
Charles Tracy
Maud Trask
Everett Treworgy
Daniel Walls
E. N. Walls
Edgar Walls
Elbridge Walls
Greely Walls
Samuel M. Walls
William T. Walls
E. L. Warren
Warren H. Whitmore

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